What have we done, indeed?

2 thought on “What Have We Done?”
  1. Thanks Steph!
    It is a newpaper image I saved from a Syrian bombing incident I think. I had no idea how to approach it without a very detailed descriptive drawing, so I took an approach I have before. I divide the original into squares and prepare a lot of squares of paper to work on. I number them up to match the squares on the original. Then I mask off all but one square of the original and draw it only the corresponding square of clean paper. Sometimes I do all the paint work and then join them together. In this picture I just did some line and tone with ink and charcoal, then joined them together and did some wash etc on top.
    The reason it works, for me, is that it reflects the mess and maze like qualities of the image and indeed the bombing. You can tell it is an urban scene but not what is going on.

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