8 thought on “Rainbow – ‘This Too Will Pass’”
  1. I find this so charming, both encouraging and cheerful. It is a lovely piece of lockdown art. I hope to see more from Ms. Scott-Francis.

    1. Anya, thank you so much for your comment. I am pleased my artwork has cheered and encouraged you in the midst of the fear, doom and gloom suffered by us all during the global pandemic.

  2. This is a wonderful artwork which cleverly encapsulates the Artist’s double message of ‘hope’
    and ‘doom’ for the viewer to choose the interpretation which they prefer.

    Personally, I have chosen both. ‘Hope’ that the virus will burn itself out, but ‘Doom’ for the
    human race if we fail to protect our planet, such as halting the iniquitous destruction of the Earth’s
    rain forests.

    Well done Nicky Scott-Francis!

  3. Thank you Moyra. You have responded to my hidden message and I so agree with you. I am glad that my message came across clearly to you.

  4. Very mystical and a chink of hope in what could be seen as a traumatic time. interesting.

    1. Thank you Jo, I hadn’t thought of it as mystical but that gives it a broader perspective which is intriguing.

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