Jun 15, 2020

By adpenu

Born in 1987, Transylvania, I showed proclivity towards drawing from a young age, copying Rembrandt sketches from a book my grandmother bought me from an antiquarium. At that time painting didn’t interest me, it seemed too messy and permanent. I don’t mind the mess anymore, I make plenty of it in my South London studio and the permanence of my work is what drives me to improve my painting skills, so my grandmother would be proud of me. -- SaatchiArt store: https://www.saatchiart.com/adrianpenu

5 thought on “Empire”
  1. I think Adrian Penu’s wonderfully evocative painting is a perfect and timely reminder of how the
    WW1 generation had to mask themselves from even greater perilous assaults than we are now facing,
    and for many devastating years, rather than months. So, let us remember them and be inspired by their
    fortitude, bravery and self-sacrifice.

  2. For me it’s much more about how the British built their Empire. This is a terrifying figure. A reminder of the hideousness of war. It’s the tension between the beauty of the painting and the violence of the subject that does it for me.

  3. Thank you for uploading this very thought provoking beautifully painted image that resonates with our times. The solitary gas masked German WW1 soldier armed to protect against a largely invisible yellow enemy – the gas attack. I view it as an emblem, as now we are all soldiers armed with the weapons of isolation and masks fighting to protect ourselves against a deadly unseen virus. Coronavirus has manifested itself as the coronated king of its own global empire. I never imagined I would see the day feeling a kindred spirit with a WW1 German soldier from a 100 years ago. Who is the genius artist?

  4. Just another thought: Old Empires – British, Russian, Mongol, French etc. etc. All fell. New
    Empires – Coronavirus etc.etc. will fall. Empires never last. Our future looks bright!!

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