By Elyssa

Elyssa Sykes-Smith (b.1991, Australia) is an artist working in site-specific sculpture, installation, performance, socially engaged projects, education, and public art. In creating art for public space and designing participatory projects Sykes-Smith seeks to distil complex, psychological states into multisensory experiences incorporating art practice, technology, psychology, and the sciences. She seeks to translate the expressive qualities of the figure, exploring form, space and movement pushing the figure towards abstraction and approaching sculpture as a multisensory experience that incorporates many forms of media to explore issues of and experiences of humanity. When the sculpture not only responds to a site but also brings it to life, a dynamic relationship is created between the audience, artwork and surrounding environment. Key concerns involve encouraging her audience to experience an environment from an altered perspective and connecting to an artwork through a visceral, embodied response. Elyssa Sykes-Smith continues to advocate for human rights, environmental sustainability, and is currently based in London where she is completing her MFA (AAIS programme) at the Architectural Association School of Architecture.

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