By Bernice

4 thought on “The first 48 days”
  1. Love it Bernice, what an amazing document….is it still going… imagine when little Joseph is 21 you can make it into his birthday card

    1. Thanks Steph – it is still going so I will update in due course. Great idea for Joe’s birthday card – if I remember (I’ll be 87 by then). Maybe I’d better do it for his first birthday!!

  2. At the start of Lockdown I decided to take a picture each day to represent my life in lockdown. There were mostly taken with my phone (but not all). They are an album on my facebook page. After a while I got dispirited by them as they were so ordinary and dominated by the garden, walks and food. But then I decided that their very mundanity was actually representative of what lockdown has been for a lot of people so I decided that putting them in a collage and numbering them sort of stresses that mundanity. The collage will be expanded over time but each individual photo will get smaller. Hope that makes sense.

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