An upcycled plastic waste installation- plastic bottles, bags, containers, and other odds and sods

“3×2 meter installation made solely from collected plastic waste upcycled into flowers. Throughout this covid-19 lockdown period, I have been working on my latest sustainable plastic waste installation ‘Quarantine Jungle’.

As a Sustainable Artist I work a lot with rubbish products as a way to reduce waste in a creatively aesthetic manor. This is something that I believe that more artists should be doing with the hopes of showcasing to the public the small ways in which we can all come together to reduce the effects of climate change on our environment.

I have been noticing how this virus has disrupted our capitalist society in the west, reducing our consumerist habits.
This Project looks at re-purposing waste from products we consume and transforming them into flowers which symbolise new hope and growth.”

One thought on “Quarantine Jungle”
  1. This project of odds and sods makes me feel very emotional. I think it’s wonderful. I like the shapes and colours, I love the spikiness of some of the flowers.

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