Daily emails written during the Covid 19 Crisis

Beverly Frydman & Rochelle Robshaw are writers who email each other at least once every day. We feel this way of communication is especially poignant during social isolation. These emails are part of a larger piece that spans over 5 years.

13 thought on “Post Project”
    1. Thanks so much Anne for your encouragement. We are thrilled to have our work up and out in the world.

  1. this is great — I love to eavesdrop and this is so compelling. I’m thinking television series…

  2. How do you post on this site ? do you do,it here if so here is a Lockdown haiku:

    Finish and begin
    Locking out or shutting in
    The key turns both ways

  3. Dandelion triolet:

    The dandelion waits to tell the time
    Locked down we wait for time to go by
    in separate houses yours and mine.
    The dandelion waits to tell the time.
    But we must wait for others to define
    our movements as our thoughts fly
    The dandelion waits to tell the time
    while we wait for time to pass

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