Since lockdown we have been meeting up with some local and not so local musicians to have an open mic night online. The video posted here is from our 12th week of lockdown.

The sound is what it is – dependent on the internet and who is using decent microphones (I know I’m not) but this is really about meeting up rather than the performance. Which is a good thing, as I am a drummer not a guitarist!

Top row: Beverley and Jon Healey (East Sussex), Ray Burnside (me) & Steph Grainger (East Sussex), Becky and Terry Dailey (East Sussex).

Second row: Richard Hague and Aki (London) Colette and Abel Domingues (New York, USA), Verity and Jeremy Ridgman (London, UK).

Third row: Ray Cooper (Malmköping, Sweden), Jean (next door UK!), Martin Long (London, UK)

By Ray Burnside

After 30 years of working as an actor musician I fell into video making and photography with a bit of website building on the side.

2 thought on “Village Open Mic Night”
  1. So marvellous, felt like I was at an open mic night too. So nice to be in company with all of you.

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