By Steph Grainger

Stephanie uses drawing, animation and visual metaphor to enlighten the darker sometimes forgotten aspects of life, often personalising social injustices. Her work, throws light onto forgotten facets of culture or topics encouraging the viewer to reflect more meaningfully on themes by making personal, sometimes even light-hearted connections. She is an active member of Now we are 7 and Blue Monkey Artist Network More of her collaborative animations are available to view at

5 thought on “A drawing I made during pandemic”
  1. This is a beautiful and contemplative drawing Steph. I love it. It makes me construct my own narrative. I want to know whose chair and shawl it is. It’s positioned so they can look out the window, and see life outside so I’m guessing the person is elderly and shielded? Is that a sewing box too. I don’t know why, I find it quite melancholy… time passing slowly.
    So gentle.

  2. I am having my coffee in bed and looking at this drawing. It makes me think that this person left the blanket and sewing kit and went to bed and that she will return to this chair again in the morning with a cup of tea. Every day is the same. Every day, every day. Beautiful drawing Steph, beautiful and melancholy. I love it.

  3. it reminds me of these paintings from the early 19th century where someone looks out of the window pensively, maybe towards another life or broader horizons…….

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