Hawthorn Trees – Bent Not Broken

About this work: On an idyllic summer’s day, the bent Hawthorns of the South Downs speak of the delight of living. Shaped by adversity; they survive. They are an ecosystem supporting many species; its haws provide food for birds and small mammals; its bent boughs offer shelter for sheep. The broken branches inform us of survival – accepting loss, a willingness to change and adapt.

Country: United_kingdom

Aug 17, 2020

Posted by Cliff Crawford

6 thought on “Hawthorn Trees – Bent Not Broken”
  1. I love the way that these stand out on the white background so that the focus in totally on the tree and its shape.

    1. Thanks, Bernice. I love white space it mimics that focus I have when drawing, people I know and apparently startling things can move into and out of my field of vision without being seen. You describe it perfectly 🙂

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